Bridging Big Hearts & Challenged Communities

Our Mission

We are a professional non-profit organization that actively promotes connectivity by facilitating the exchange of ideas, resources, and knowledge among individuals, organisations, and communities. Through these dynamic connections, we aim to collectively address and overcome pressing challenges, fostering positive and sustainable change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as the central hub for individuals, organisations, and communities to unite by effortlessly exploring various avenues of mutual interest for impactful contributions, extending widespread assistance.

Latest Open Projects

Business support for rural communities

How it works

By following our 6-step process, together we can bridge the gaps between communities.

* Please note that the starting date of a project is reliant on when a corresponding match is found.

Submit Challenges

People, organisations or individuals provide details on a challenge they are facing and the help they require. This can be anything from mentor support, faciltity improvement, or providing material assistance etc.

List Challenges

The Bridge-It Foundation will list all the challenges that have been submitted. This allows us to see what needs are out there and what is currently being worked on.

Submit Assistance

People, organisations or volunteers let us know how you want to get invovled.

Match Challenges

The Bridge-It Foundation will match the challenges with the assistance submitted. This allows us to get the right people to the right challenges and make sure the right help is given.

Monitor Progress

The Bridge-It Foundation will monitor the progress of the challenges and make sure that they are completed in a timely manner.

Celebrate Success

Once the challenge is complete, we will celebrate the success and thank everyone who was involved. This is a great way to show appreciation and encourage people to continue to help.

Creating a brighter future for everyone!

Through our website, both sides can document their needs and solutions. Our website serves as an intermediary between the two sides, providing a central place to connect them. We are the facilitators and coordinators of this process. We ensure both sides are connected with the right resources, and we provide assistance in making the connection.

We also help to verify the solutions and resources provided, ensuring they are legitimate and effective. Once the connection has been made, we provide guidance to both sides on how to proceed. We also offer resources and advice to help both sides reach a successful outcome.